Lost and Found

As the name implies, this is an area to post lost and found items.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Lost: Multi-Grey/Black Tabby-colored cat. Near
    Clara Barton/Arrington Drive/Jonathan Mitchell.
    No Collar, but Chipped

  2. Priscilla Torpey says:

    We recently sold our home in Fairfax Station to a lovely family from Brooklyn. We had conveyed to them the bench, which sits by the front door, and the hanging plants around our screened porch. The new family has moved in and found those items missing. Perhaps, someone in the neighborhood knows what happened. Or maybe someone thought they were mistakenly left behind, and helped themselves. It would be wonderful if these items were returned to the new owners – no questions asked.

    If you don’t want your reply made public, you can reply privately via direct email to Priscilla Torpey at priscilla.torpey@icloud.com, who will contact the new homeowners.

  3. Andrea says:

    Have you always wanted to have a pet(s) in your home? But not quite sure if it will work out for you and your family? We’ve got the perfect solution, we have two very nice well-behaved cats. One, a beautiful calico and the other a black burmese cat. They have been buddies for quite some time now and we do not want to separate them. We will provide the food (IAMS) and the cat Litter and box for a trial period of 1-2 months. We are not quite sure we can be without them so we are looking for a trial separation while we are away.

    Each evening we tell them, “it’s time to go to bed” and with a wee bit of encouragement they nicely go down the stairs to our lower level. In the morning, the calico cat will nicely meow to be let up for the day, the black (quiet) cat will follow. We have two small bowls of water waiting for them on the upper level. Their food is in the lower level (could be a clean basement) with more water and their litter box. This works out very nicely. Also, they are only indoor cats — they go out on our deck for fresh air but there are no stairs down to the ground. Please let us know if this might work for you for a trial period by calling (703) 507-2015.

  4. Priscilla Torpey says:

    I found a small gold hoop earring with purple stones around the 17th of October, 2015 near 11602 Havenner Road. Please call me @ 703-239-2965 if it is yours. I will bring it to the annual HOA meeting, Nov. 5.

  5. Beth Ghodsi says:

    my son lost a pair of black framed prescription glasses on 4/2/15 somewhere between Militia Ct and where we have the annual Easter egg hunt. Please contact me if these are found, thank you.

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