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  1. Cecilia says:

    We are new to the neighborhood and are wondering if Republic Services provides adequate trash/recycling pick-up here. We used them at our old home and then transferred the service here, and now we are having nothing but bad luck. Are they consistent with pick-up?
    Any insight would be helpful. Thank you!

    • Bob Orlosky says:


      Republic, formerly AAA, has provided trash service for us since the late ’80s. Service has been reliable and timely. However in the past month or so, there has been inconsistency, especially on Monday, due to resource and truck break-downs. I’ve taken to calling the (703) 818-8222 number to get reports. See Pat Flaherty’s comment further down in the thread.

      Bob Orlosky

  2. Bob Strange says:

    Just curious if anyone else has been told that chimney flues must now be equipped with a stainless steel insert in order to pass Home Safety Inspection. During the last storm my chimney cap blew off and the installer from a seemingly reliable chimney repair firm(BBB endorsed) provided this assessment. I have not committed to this work until I know that it is a valid assessment

  3. Bob Strange says:

    I have a black pipe embedded in my front yard that was damaged by a professional lawn service. I was told that the valve contained in the pipe is well below the surface of the ground and there is no damage to the valve. Has anyone had any experience in replacing this pipe and pipe cap and where I can find a replacement?

  4. Kim Wiorski says:

    I would like everyone who parks cars/trucks on the streets to consider taking their cars/trucks off the street and parking them in their drivways. Our streets are beginning to look like used car lots with so many cars and trucks parked on some of the streets. We can’t even drive down the street if there is an oncoming car because of the parked cars/trucks. We all have 2 car garages and driveways that fit a mininum of 4 cars, and some more, so please consider not leaving your cars/trucks parked on the street. This is even more important with the approach of winter so that snow can be cleared from edge to edge.

  5. Clarence York says:

    Trash Removal-
    I switched to American over 10 years ago after reaching the boiling point with AAA. With the exception of a few hiccups (like 12/10 when the did not show up at Station View Court), American has always provided great service. Trash cans every day of the week is a problem, but competition between two hauling services always results in lower cost and better service.

  6. Grace Nozaki says:

    Re: hauling companies. We’ve been very happy with American because of their recycling policy. They gave us a huge 64 gallon rolling bin which makes hauling much easier. Good thing, too—the list of things they’ll accept for recycling is so extensive, we find that we recycle much more than we throw away in the trash. Also, you don’t need to sort, which again makes it easier for us to do our part in recycling vs. adding to the trash landfill.

  7. Pat Flaherty says:

    Regarding AAA versus American, I’ve stayed with AAA, having no problem getting them to match American’s rate for the past several years. My decision has been driven by two examples of their respective quality. The AAA truck had a hydraulic line break while on our pipestem. They had a service vehicle out immediately to clean up the spilled oil and even came back the next day to do some final touchup. You would never know there was a spill. One day American was picking up the trash at a neighbor’s house and a large quantity of packaging “popcorn” spilled out of the truck and immediately began to blow all over. I challenged the truck’s crew to stop and clean it up. They refused saying it was the homeowner’s fault for having put it in the trash in the first place.

  8. Kate Chutuape says:

    Love the new neighborhood directory! Many thanks to all the folks who put it together!

  9. Helen Shamess says:

    Trash Removal.
    I have used AAA for 11 years. I was approached by American stating that they charged $69/quarter and asked if I knew what I was paying. I did not. When I looked it up I was paying around $140/quarter, my next door neighbor was paying $75, another neighbor was paying $150. With both AAA and American in our neighborhood we have trash cans out Monday thru Fri. No day in the week without seeing trash cans.
    I contacted AAA and they would match the price for a year and then I would have to call them back to see what they could do. I transferred to American.
    I was not aware of the difference in price so I thought you all might want to know.
    I would love to get our neighborhood back to having days of the week without trash cans.

    • Steve Hurwitz says:

      A single waste/recycling contractor in the community would undoubtedly reduce: noise, truck traffic, wear and tear on the roads, trash containers left out in plain sight…and cost — my job is managing HOA’s and where I work now, the quarterly cost is far less than the even the lowest price Helen Shamess qouted in her comment, above.
      I can provide contact information…

      • Heidi Mac says:

        Has it ever been suggested to go with the Fairfax County trash and recycling? Other neighborhoods are doing it. The cost is included in the tax bill, so there is no quarterly billing. AND they supply (on request) yard waste bins too. My friend in Burke has them and she’s happy with the service. They’ve been quick to replace her broken bins too.

        • William Baker says:

          The FSHOA does not reside in a Solid Waste Collection Area (Sanitary District). If we did, the cost for collection by Fairfax County is $345/year.

          Conversely, the cost for private collection companies is about $268/year ($67/quarter).

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