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A place to recommend or find a contractor (electric, plumbing, lawn care, etc).

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  1. Denise Groat says:

    Can anyone recommend a lawn mowing service (or any young men in the neighborhood) that use more than the commercial standup riding mowers and weed wacker to mow your lawn? Our sons used to mow the lawn & it always looked beautiful–we like to keep it at 3 1/2 in. We have had a lawn mowing service since March and our lawn is in the worst shape it’s ever been; full of weeds and looks terrible because they cut it too short and weed whack so many areas to the dirt and killing the grass.

    Please email any suggestions to Thank you!

    Denise Groat

  2. Ron Earyes says:

    Are there any neighborhood teenagers interested in monetary earnings, and some knowledge, in providing landscaping assistance, including some intermittent lawn mowing. Please provide prospective name & contact info, or share my contact info with them. Start date could be next week, as they may be available.


    Ron Earyes

  3. Jacqueline Seibert says:

    I would like to recommend Davey Tree Expert Company for tree pruning and removal. They are a insured company, have done excellent tree-removal for our property and have been been up to 48% cheaper than New Views (who claim to be our current HOA tree service provider).

  4. Michael Groat says:

    I highly recommend Aits Septic Service and Aits Septic Repair for all your septic situations. I have used them for several years now, and have found them to be honest and responsive.

  5. Jane Dieteman says:

    I am looking for an interior painter. Does anyone have recent experience with a very neat and careful painter? Thanks.

    • Judy Kupbens says:

      I have used Dave and Lynn Forman at CertaPro Painters several times. They do a great job and are neat and careful. Their Nr is 703-678-9107.

      • Heidi MacLachlan says:

        I use B & M Painters to do my house. I love the work they did. They did a good job and were affordable. The Owner’s name is Alfredo and his number is 703-899-4341.

    • marcy Osterhaus says:

      We recommend Klooster Decorators. We have used them for 25 years for painting the interior and exterior of our house (detailed work included). Contact 703-591-6605.

  6. Jane Dieteman says:

    I was looking for someone to clean the moss and stains off my roof and came upon the information about American Pro Tech here. After interviewing several companies, we went with Ted of American Pro Tech and we are glad we did. He did a super job leaving our roof looking new with no harsh treatments. His crew was neat, on time and we are very pleased with the results. Ted can be reached at 571-250-9650.

  7. Bob and Nancy Hoyler says:

    We had a hard time finding someone to clean and seal our cedar shake roof. Even the company who replaced the cedar shake roof on our screened porch said they did not do cleaning. Finally we found someone to do it; not inexpensive, but it does look like new. It is:
    Kirby Kerns Contractor, Inc.
    Manassas VA

  8. Heidi MacLachlan says:

    I wants to recommend Mottern Masonry for any concrete or masonry work. They did my front sidewalk (will cover it with flagstone at a later time). I love the work, prices were fair and the workers were very considerate. They showed up on time and did beautiful work. As it turns out, my sidewalk had sunk seven inches and now it is safe and beautiful. Their website is:

  9. Pat Flaherty says:

    I recently used Mailbox Xpress, Inc to replace the 5 stand-alone mail boxes/posts at the end of our pipestem with one single structure. The installation included 5 new mail boxes with new numbers and new Washington Post tubes. Very happy with the finished product. Owner is Jim Hughes. The phone # is 703-855-9471. He’s done similar work in the neighborhood, which is how I found him.

  10. Heidi MacLachlan says:

    We’re looking for handyman recommendations. Our screened in porch needs repair and we need to replace the garbage disposal. Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

  11. rieta scott says:

    Can anyone recommend a good carpenter for minor trim repairs on exterior of home, also need to replace wood pillars that are rotting at front door holding up stoop? thanks

  12. Fred Adams says:

    I have a small but annoying leak around the main water line ingress. I suspect this will require excavating around that part of the foundation and re-tarring that section of foundation plus some kind of caulking around the water pipe. Do I need a plumber or a general contractor? Any advice, suggestions or company recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    • Clarence says:

      Did you get your problem fixed???
      If not, I had the same problem several years ago and I fixed the problem easily with some hydraulic cement from Home Depot.
      Let me know if you need additional information.

  13. William Baker says:

    I highly recommend American-ProTech for roof stain and siding mold cleaning. Ted Saunders, the veteran owner-operator, uses a non-evasive chemical treatment approved by roofing and siding manufacturer’s. His application process is applied with a non-pressure chemical sprayer. The treatment does not require stepping on your shingles that might otherwise stress the integrity of the roofing system. Results can be seen in a matter of hours. His prices are excellent and highly competitive. 100% satisfaction. Ted can be contacted at 571-250-9650.

  14. William Baker says:

    I highly recommend Sunshine Contracting for window replacement. They also provide siding, roofing, gutters, doors, decks/porches and attic insulation. Ryan Sabo, owner, was a delight in presentation, product knowledge and has a great personality. Their pricing is exceptional and very market competitive. The crew was outstanding and very professional. Ryan can be reached at 703-499-8654 or visit their website at

  15. Mary Gerken says:

    Any recommendations on a carpet dealer to assist in recommending appropriate carpet and good installation?

  16. John Hebbe says:

    BEWARE A company (whose name changes frequently!) recently passed out a yellow newsletter offering services as landscaping + tree removal + mulching + you name it. TREE WORK UNLIMITED. The owner is Richard Sean Ryals. Don’t depend upon my remarks. Google up this name and read the horror stories for yourself. BEWARE

  17. Charlie Bell says:

    Anyone have a good septic company to pump out our tank? Thanks.

    • Bob Orlosky says:

      Fairfax Suburban Septic (703) 631-2222.

      Bob O

    • Clarence says:

      I have always had my septic maintenance performed by SeptiClean for the past 15+ years. This includes several of the required 5-year pump-outs, replacement of the cement switching tank, and installation of a septic tank access opening. Getting ready to use them again for the required 5-year pump-out. The owner is Ronnie Thomas, 540-428-3986, — The best thing I can say is that they are reliable and I trust them – been in business for 30+ years.

  18. Mike McKinney says:

    Roofing—Just had my garage roof replaced by Furr Roofing. Great price, with a very experienced crew and Mark Furr was on site for the job. Highly recommend them at 703 670-7884. Mark is looking to extend his business in this area and you can probably get a very good deal to help out for referrals.

  19. Kate Chutuape says:

    We need to get our driveway sealed. Any recommendations?

  20. Nancy Simmons says:

    For kitchen and bath redesign, I recommend Select Kitchen & Bath. Their web site is They were great to work with and can do simple of complicated work. We took out a wall, replaced a window with a door, and changed the locations of the appliances. They also had a reasonable payment schedule, which was important to us. We initially were dealing with Nicely Done Kitchens, but their payment schedule was loaded up front so that they would receive about 70% of the payment before any work began. When we tried to negotiate the payment schedule, they withdrew from the work and told us we needed to find someone else. We have no complaints about Select Kitchen & Bath & plan to use them again.

  21. William Baker says:

    I highly recommend National Tub & Tile for fiberglass and porcelain tub repair. Expertly finished and blends in with the original color. Great job. Contact Rick Hugill at 703-327-4799.

  22. Kate Chutuape says:

    I’m looking for contractor to clean and clear stain our deck. Any recommendations?

  23. Nancy Simmons says:

    We loved working with Decks With Style on our deck/porch. Their web site is

  24. William Baker says:

    I highly recommend American-ProTech for roof cleaning. Ted Saunders, the owner-operator, uses a non-evasive chemical treatment approved by roofing manufacturer’s. His application process is accomplished through the use of a cherry picker and chemical sprayer. The treatment does not require stepping on your shingles that might otherwise stress the integrity of the roofing system. Results can be seen in a matter of hours. His prices are excellent and highly competitive. Ted can be contacted at 571-250-9650.

  25. Vinnie Burruano says:

    Just had a great experience with Metro Electric Service (888-719-8585) – needed same day response – they arrived as promised and finished the job quickly.

  26. Ray Zugel says:

    We are considering replacement of our original windows and would like recommendations on both the brand of window and contractors to install them. Also would like to know how much replacing all the windows with current technology has actually reduced heating and cooling bills and/or decreased/eliminated drafts. Any information that our neighbors could provide would be helpful.

    • Vinnie Burruano says:

      Hello -

      I replaced all the windows in my other home using Window World – they were recommended by someone who raved about their prices – which were very good compared to other estimates I received. They did excellent work – not only installing the windows, but improving the insulation around each, for a tighter seal. They finished the entire home in a single day. Plus the windows are guaranteed – even if I break it.

    • Ruth Becker says:

      If you haven’t chosen your window replacement company, try American Windows. They are close – just beyond Target on Guinea Road, 5609-D Sandy Lewis Dr. They replaced all but our garage windows, repaired some rot on a windowsill one of the garage windows at NO charge, and did some other minor repair at NO charge. They were fast, efficient, neat and very comfortable to work with. And we think our heating bill is reflecting the benefits of the new windows.

    • Jane Dieteman says:

      Replaced all the windows in our home in December and we also used American Windows on Sandy Lewis Drive. Worked with partner Brad Galleher and he was the best. My neighbors across the street as well as next door had used him and he got rave reviews from them. The rave reviews were well deserved. The price was good, the workers were very neat and through and we were very well satisfied. Can’t say anything about the savings on heating costs yet because of this weird “winter” weather. I would give American Windows five stars.

  27. Vinnie Burruano says:

    I have used Bill’s Seamless Gutters before for cleaning and the like – you can try them.

  28. Kate Chutuape says:

    Can anyone recommend a gutter company to do some repairs?

    • Terri Personne says:

      I’m using Peak Roofing to do some roof and gutter work and clean my gutters. They were recommended by Angie’s List. I’ve been satisfied so far.

  29. Vinnie Burruano says:

    If you are looking for a dependable and reasonable plumber, contact Seth Butler of Butler Plumbing at 703-815-1800. He was referred to me after the plumber I was using messed up a project – not only did he fix it he has done a great job for us for many years.

  30. Vinnie Burruano says:

    David Loesch is a local contractor who can do a variety of projects around the home – he can be reached at 703-965-9693.

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