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The Association continues to actively work with both NOVEC and DVP to ensure that we receive the most reliable service. Hurricane Irene demonstrated that there have been improvements to the service in our community where outages were merely a few hours compared to other neighborhoods that lost service for days. This is progress and we remain optimistic. However, the true test of the recent upgrades performed by NOVEC will not be fully known until the winter - when the combination of snow and storm conditions create the most significant weather challenges.

The Association recently sent a letter to NOVEC asking for clarification on the escalation process for switching residents during an outage between the two possible electrical feeds into the community. This was an enhancement that was identified as a method to reduce or eliminate unnecessary downtime. When we receive a response the information will be posted. We will also be engaging DVP to fully understand the transfer of residents on Youngs Branch and Chinn House to the business electrical feed that promises improved reliability.

Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) Contact
CJ Dieteman

email: utilities@fshoa-va.com