Southwestern Boundary Study

The Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) is currently conducting a Southwestern Boundary Study to examine the capacity of elementary schools in our area. Our current elementary school (Oak View) is part of the study and, therefore, our children have the potential to be impacted. The community has the opportunity to comment on the most recent redistricting option that the FCSB released (OPTION D), and we encourage you to do so. The deadline for comments is Friday, December 10th.

The Fairfax Station Homeowners Association's Special Committee to Study Redistricting in Fairfax County recommends that you support "OPTION D" as this option most closely aligns with our stated objective of maximizing school stability for Fairfax Station students.

To participate and ensure your opinion is heard, please go to the website and advance through a series of informative pages (6 "Next" advances to be exact) to an interactive set of questions that we would recommend you respond as follows:

  • To what extent would you support proposed Option D? Select Completely
  • Please complete: I could support Option D if the following changes were made: Enter "As Option D provides the MOST stability for Fairfax County Students of the four proposed options, I support Option D."
  • If you have not reviewed or commented on preliminary Options A, B, and C, you are invited to share your thoughts below: Leave Blank
  • What is your ZIP code? Enter "22039"
  • Please check your child(s) base school(s) below (if listed). If not listed, please provide your child(s) base school(s) under "Other." Select "Oak View ES"

If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Anderson at

Update on School Redistricting Issues in Fairfax County

On January 10, 2011, the Annandale Regional Planning (ARP) Study committees presented their recommendations to the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB). These ad hoc committees were approved by the FCSB to look at ways to relieve overcrowding at Annandale High School (AHS) and projected overcrowding at Poe Middle School as well as options for creating boundaries for the new elementary school at the Lacey site. The ARP Elementary School study does not affect Fairfax Station.

The primary recommendations of the ARP Study’s ad hoc committee for middle and high schools are non-boundary solutions. They include adding sixth grade classes to all elementary schools and building a new secondary school within the Annandale area. School Board members agreed at the January 10th meeting to a feasibility study to consider these non-boundary solutions.

Recommendations that would affect Woodson High School include a proposal to move a special education program from Annandale High School to Stuart High School or Woodson. This is likely an undesirable option, because it means transporting students across I-495, which parents and the School Board are not enthusiastic about due to traffic congestion and construction. Another option is to move all AHS students who reside in Wakefield Chapel (west of I-495) to Woodson. Wakefield is currently considered part of the Woodson pyramid. There are no proposed changes to Frost Middle School in the recommendations. The ARP Study’s report is available online at

While the ARP Study does not include a recommendation for school redistricting of the Fairfax Station neighborhood, this is just the first part of an ongoing process. School Board members made it clear at the January 10th meeting that they will be voting on a boundary study. They have asked their staff to review the ARP Study’s recommendations and make recommendations on the scope of a boundary study as well as non-boundary changes. Following is the FCBS timeline for the AHS school redistricting and non-boundary changes:

  • March work session – School Board staff present information regarding the feasibility of the Ad Hoc committee’s non-boundary options.
  • April 4th work session – The School Board will discuss the scope of a potential boundary study and vote on it.
  • July – School Board will make its final decision on the boundary study.

With regard to the Southwestern Boundary Study (SWBS) (elementary schools only), the School Board voted on February 24 to pass a FCPS Staff final recommendation in response to community feedback on options A, B, C and D. The final approved map of changes (effective Fall 2011) can be found online at One Amendment was also passed that is not reflected on this map. The area immediately north of Fairfax Station, along Fairfax Station Road will now all attend Bonnie Brae. The map shows an even split between Oak View and Bonnie Brae. This final approved boundary change does eliminate Fairfax Station as an island and keeps FS students at Oak View, however not by much. FS is now a peninsula, and is still assigned to Oak View. The Middle School and High School assignments to Frost and Woodson are not affected by the SWBS. At the end of the day, Fairfax Station students, as a result of the SWBS, stay in their current pyramid, Oak View / Frost / Woodson.

The Fairfax Station HOA’s Special Committee on School Redistricting in Fairfax County will continue to monitor the School Board’s actions closely and will keep Fairfax Station neighbors apprised of any new proposals that would affect our current school pyramid. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Cheryl Anderson at

Fairfax County Public Schools – Redistricting Update


Our Special Committee is pleased to report that the FCPS Board has finalized the Annandale Regional Study recommendations and has determined that our neighborhood will NOT be impacted by any boundary changes for middle or high school. The FCPS Board made this decision at their regular meeting in July. This is similar to the results of the Southwestern Boundary Study recommendations that evaluated elementary schools enrollment.

In both study recommendations, our neighborhood school pyramid was not impacted, ensuring that our children will continue to attend Oak View Elementary, Frost Middle and Woodson High School. In some cases, however, our children will make new friends as some communities were affected and our schools will have new students in attendance.

The purpose of the Special Committee was to closely monitor the situation of these two studies and maintain communication with the neighborhood of any pending actions. We are pleased to announce that our wishes for continuity and stability were respected and that our children will continue to attend these excellent schools.

Thanks so much to the Committee members; Elizabeth Burruano, Kate Chutuape, Kevin Heaney and Steve Ruehl, for their countless hours working on this issue, as well as Vinnie Burruano for his leadership and support.

Also, thanks for your support this past year.

Cheryl Anderson, Committee Chair