Occoquan Watershed

What is the Occoquan Watershed Coalition?

The Occoquan Watershed Coalition (OWC) is a volunteer organization whose membership comes from representatives of seventeen homeowners associations in the Fairfax Station/Clifton area. Its purpose is to protect and maintain the Occoquan Watershed environment as a viable source of water for our region. It does this by focusing on transportation and environmental & land use issues. The OWC Transportation Committee performs liaison with the Fairfax County Office of Transportation and VDOT to ensure that proposed transportation projects that pose a threat to the watershed integrity will not be supported by the OWC and its communities. The elected leaders of the organization are charged with maintaining a close and effective relationship with our district supervisors, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and our representative to the Congress. The OWC was a major force in keeping a proposed spur from the Prince William Parkway to Rte 123 at Butts Corner from being built because it threatened the Occoquan. The Environmental & Land Use Committee focuses on Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals actions, especially amendments that threaten the five acre down-zoning in effect west of Rte 123. The OWC has been in existence for over fifteen years and has been an effective voice toward getting the attention of our elected leaders, various land use boards and VDOT. It has been a key factor in the cause for keeping the Occoquan Watershed in current state and supporting its improvement. We in Fairfax Station will never have to worry about the effects of extended dry periods on our source of potable water because of the Occoquan. OWC led the way in opposing a proposed widening of the bridge on Yates Ford road that would opened the way for a four lane parkway over the river at that point that would have had a negative impact on the Occoquan Watershed. As a result, Rte 123 is being widened from north to south as means to deal with Prince William and points south traffic. The OWC is a organization that is working to maintain our quality of life and setting in Fairfax Station as Fairfax County becomes more urban.

email: occoquan-watershed@fshoa-va.com