Common Grounds & Pond

The Common Grounds and Pond Committee acts on the HOA’s behalf, managing the many pieces of property, and the pond, which are located within the neighborhood and owned by the HOA.

Within the neighborhood there are approximately 150 acres of Common Grounds, made up of multiple individual parcels spread throughout. While some are quite small, most are a single acre or larger. Included in this category is Sangster Station, a park area of approximately 1 acre where, for example, the annual Easter Egg Hunt is held. Those parcels that are adjacent to the roads, including Sangster Station and the area surrounding the pond, are landscaped and maintained by a contractor overseen by the Committee. The majority of the common area, however, is heavily wooded and remains in its natural state.

Pickett Pond is a stormwater management pond owned and maintained by the HOA. Fed by two primary streams that run through the neighborhood, it’s approximately 2.5 acres in size and provides a natural habitat for fish and turtles.